Why Early Learning is Important for the Future of Australia

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Research shows that what a child experiences in the early years of their life will have a definite impact upon the person they become. This is especially relevant to learning.

Cognitive Learning for Their Future


Studies show that children who are nurtured and given more opportunities to learn end up becoming more successful than their peers who were not exposed to the same early learning. When you think about it, it makes sense.

Expand Skills

Early learning allows children to build a base for their knowledge. They expand their vocabulary, their logic and problem-solving skills, and they also learn how to learn.

Enter School Prepared

When they enter school, they enter it with that knowledge. They are able to further build upon it and achieve stronger than their peers without it. They are also better able to deal with the stresses and challenges that the new academic environment gives them, because of their prior experience.

Without It

Without attending an early learning school, children tend to struggle. They find the change in the regime difficult, they have struggle focusing and learning, and they tend to fall behind quite quickly.

Learn Social Skills for Life

Studies show that children who are given the opportunity to develop their social skills at a young age, grow up to be successful and well-adjusted adults. The reasoning behind this is simple.

Safe and Encouraging

When you enrol your child in an early learning school, they meet many different children from a variety of walks of life. An early learning school provides a safe and encouraging environment for these children to interact and learn how to appropriately interact with one another.

This develops the child’s self-confidence and ability to interact with others, because they have had experiences with it. When they enter school, they have the intrinsic knowledge that they can communicate with others. They then form meaningful and strong relationships with other students, which further builds their self-esteem and belief in their social abilities.

No Experience? It’s a Problem

Children who did not have the experience of attending an early learning school do not have that knowledge. They are more likely to struggle with building and maintaining connections.

This follows them into their adult life, and has an effect on their success in the future.


When we look at the benefits children receive from early learning and attending early learning schools, it makes sense that parents are wishing to send their children to them.

For the future of Australia, it is vital that more parents get on board and give their child the best possible start to life that they can, so that their child can enter school feeling confident and self-assured, and leave it successful and well-equipped for their adult life.

Start Your Child’s Early Learning

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