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Keeping children entertained in these holidays

The holidays can be a great time for families to shift gears and enjoy a different routine. While going away is fun, it can be just as entertaining for children to spend time at home and get to know what’s happening in the local community, or even just the back yard. In fact, children often relish the time, at their own pace. If you have time to spend with the children these holidays, consider some of these great ideas:

Sprout a Seed

This is really fun and can often be achieved in a short period of time. All you will need is a small potting container for soil and some quick-sprouting seeds. Sunflower seeds, rocket or lettuce are good to start with. Children can then enjoy eating them once they grow.

Make Fruit Stamps

Choose a fruit or vegetable with an interesting shape and a bit of structure. Cut it in half and dip it in paint and you have a stamp. You can use this to make patterns on paper, or even fabric. You can cut your vegetable to give it a design, but even a simple potato will make a great pattern. You can make your own wrapping paper, use fabric paint to decorate a tea towel or just make a painting.

Get into Nature

Collecting leaves and flowers gets you out of the house and exploring your local environment. Flowers and leaves can be used in a flower press for drying, and then made into bookmarks. The process of collecting provides you with a great opportunity to discuss and compare patterns and colours. Choose a structured leaf and place it on a piece of paper, then shade with crayon or paint over the top to reveal the pattern. This will teach children about the difference between plant structures and the beauty and variations of nature.

Check Out What’s On at the Library

The library is such a fantastic resource for families, and will often have a program running in the holidays. Mask making, story corner, music, mosaics and much more. Check out what’s on at your library these holidays. And while you’re there, have a look for some junior cookbooks. Cooking with kids is great fun. It builds so many skills, from the literacy and numeracy involved in following directions and measuring quantities, to an understanding of the chemistry of food, and the value of healthy eating.

Teaching your children where food comes from and what it can be used for will help them appreciate what they put into their bodies. It is also a fun and rewarding creative process for them to produce something they can eat!

Loose Parts Play

Local councils often run workshops at recycling centres to teach kids about the value of recycling and what can be made with pre-loved resources. This is informative, fun and great for the environment. If you live near a zoo or wildlife park, take the kids on an excursion, or see what’s on at the museum or art gallery.


Taking children to the local pool, a bike ride, bushwalk or even a game of tennis are all great ways to get some healthy endorphins and have fun together.

Vacation Care Program

Mindarie Keys Early Learning School understands it is not always possible for parents to spend time with their children during school holidays. That’s why we have developed the Mindarie Vacation Child Care program, closely modelled on just the kinds of things you would be doing with your kids these holidays.

Mindarie’s School Holiday Vacation care program offers arts and crafts, gardening, creating, recycling, cooking and exercise, imaginative play and quiet time. You can be sure your child is getting the relaxed, inspiring, skill-building experiences you know are so important for them.

Are you looking for fun, safe and educational ways to keep your kids entertained this holiday period?

To find out more about our Vacation Care program, book early as vacancies fill quickly or contact us today.  Find vacation care services near Mindarie, Joondalup  to keep your kids active and entertained throughout the holidays.

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