The Importance of Secure Attachment to Caregivers – Who is Looking after Your Children?

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From an early age, your child will develop the skills and the need to be attached to their primary caregiver. A baby might cry when someone other than their caregiver holds them. As babies turn into crawlers, they might feel the need to follow their caregiver from room to room. Separation anxiety is a normal part of a child’s development and while it can be distressing to witness, there are ways to ease the transition into independence.

When children attend day care it’s essential that they feel securely attached to their caregivers. Mindarie Early Learning School aims to build strong social skills in children and reduce behavioural problems. All this is possible during early learning as long as children have a strong, positive relationship with their teachers and caregivers.


How Does a Positive Relationship with Caregivers Help? 

When children form a positive relationship with their caregiver, they feel more confident to separate from their family or guardian. They are happy and comforted knowing that they are secure in this different environment. This relationship does more than assist in separation anxiety. A positive bond between a child and his/her caregiver can lead to:

  • A decrease in peer problems (such as being picked on) and conduct problems (such as lying or fighting);
  • Improvement in children’s social skills and behaviour (such as sharing, helping, and cooperating)
  • Significant improvements in children’s wellbeing: children becoming more confident and less distressed when separating from their family in the morning.


How Does Mindarie Keys Early Learning School Foster This Bond?

Mindarie Keys Early Learning School educators make it their duty to get to know your child and make them feel comfortable within the environment.

Here are just a few essential things that ensure your child feels comfortable and that their learning and development is progressing.

  • Family Partnership: Your attitude towards where your child spends most of their day is going to reflect on how your child feels. At Mindarie Keys Early Learning School, we work with you to ensure you feel settled and comfortable so that your child feels just as safe and happy.
  • Caring and Nurturing Environment: Children that don’t feel heard or understood are more likely to lash out or become distressed. It’s important for caregivers to give children plenty of cuddles, as well as giving them their eyes and ears. This way, each child really feels like the adults are getting down to their level, making eye contact and communicating with them. 


At Mindarie Keys Early Learning School, we develop positive relationships with your children to help them feel confident in expressing their feelings. This allows them to develop the way they communicate with others and so much more. For more information on our quality education and day care programs for all children, contact Mindarie Keys Early Learning School today.

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