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The years before school (3 to 5) are a wonderful time in your child’s life. Your child is learning at light speed and sucking up information from her environment like a sponge. This is also a period of development wherein your child will start testing her own skills and abilities as part of their search for independence.

Even though most of the emotional and psychosocial development happens in the relationship between you and your child, the social interaction between peers at a 3+ program also plays an integral role in your child’s social learning.

At three years old, your child will begin to explore her surroundings and environment and you will hear the word ‘Self’ much more often. Your child is testing her own abilities and skills, which, as a result, will build healthy self esteem and independence.

Up to this point, your child has engaged in parallel play meaning they will sit next to each other and play but they will not play together. Now your child is starting to engage in social play which means they are actively playing with another child or within a group. This is extremely important for the development of empathy and is a building block in acquiring a high level of emotional intelligence. Your child will learn how to share and take turns, to understand social norms and how to be comfortable with their peers.

During this period, your child will get to know himself better. He will discover who and what he is. This includes identity, personality, preferences, even whether they have super powers or not!

It is therefore of the utmost importance that your child should be in an environment which promotes learning and experimenting in a healthy, constructive way in order for them to conquer this period as a positive, independent and well formed social individual.

At Mindarie Keys 3+ program we provide an environment that is not only safe and secure but also loving, stimulating and exciting. The team is led by an Early Years Qualified Teacher and our Educators are all equipped to make this magical time in your child’s life an extremely rewarding period.

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