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The team at Mindarie Keys Early Learning Centre were thrilled to be rated as exceeding the National Quality Standard under the National Quality Framework. The National Quality Standard sets a national benchmark for the quality of children’s education and care services across Australia.

Sisters Samantha and Angela and their wonderful team work hard to attain this standard every day and continuously improve the learning and care experiences we offer to your child.

What does an exceeding centre look like?

• Well trained and supported staff who continually develop their skills
• Many resources available to support your child’s learning experiences in a thoughtfully created physical environment
• Collaborative partnerships between families and educators to guide each child’s development to their full potential
• Offering continually varied, evolving child-centred, play-based learning experiences
• Strong leadership with a commitment to nurturing care and safety
• Filled with laughter and joy

“Education is such a strong priority in the centre. We base all our programs and experiences around fun, child-centred, play-based activities that enhance children’s language, social and physical skills and numeracy” says Angela, owner with three university education qualifications. This was recognised by the assessors. We are proud to continually hear feedback from teachers at our local schools that children who have attended the centre stand out.

Samantha strongly believes in the importance of staff training. We focus on all staff continually improving their skills and knowledge on creating the best possible environment and experiences for your child. “When you’re working with children, which we believe is one of the world’s most precious and important roles, you have a responsibility to aim for the absolute best, evidence based practise and this is reflected in our commitment to training.” We’ve had some great workshops in the last 12 months including a tour of other centres. One idea that Samantha picked up on was to add to our multicultural collection and at the same time add some beautiful pieces that would add tactile stimulation to experiences. Consequently, during a holiday in stopover in Thailand, she scoured the shops for beautiful lacquered bowls. In Singapore, Angela found embroidered children’s costumes that look amazing. Penny from OSC came back from the tour and set up a dedicated art table and other areas for small group activities which the children are enjoying. Katherine from the Three Plus program set up a camping area which will be enjoyed by the many children who have been camping in the holidays, whilst introducing the concept to those who haven’t been yet.

To enhance the benefits these highly trained, experienced and mindful educators provide to your children, we ensure we are continually over-staffed to provide continuity of care so that your child will always know the educators caring for them. This also allows the flexibility of adapting care and providing extra attention when it is required.

“Our outdoor play area, nature garden and the attention educators and children give to caring for their environment were highlighted as being exceptional” Samantha said. As one of the 7 quality areas, we create many learning opportunities for your children based on the environment.

We’re particularly proud to have been rated as exceeding in the quality area of ‘Collaborative partnerships with families and communities.’ We practise care based on the principle that “It takes a village to raise a child.” It has been our absolute pleasure to be a part of many families lives over a number of years as their children started with us as babies and now attend our out of school care service at Mindarie Primary School. This has has been a wonderful reflection of the strong commitment we make to being a valued and integral part of local family’s lives.

Since the assessment, our art studios have evolved into hives of creativity, where your children love working on their masterpieces. We have also installed a new, nature-based playground in the Toddlers garden where your children love to be physically active and explore each day. They particularly love setting up cubbies and camping experiences.

We’d love to chat with you further about your child’s development at the centre. If you have any questions please feel welcome to contact us.



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