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Playing sports has a variety of health and social benefits for everyone. In this article, we’ll explore a few different sports your child could become involved in, as well as the benefits these sports provide.

Martial Arts

When someone says sport, martial arts doesn’t usually come to mind. However, martial arts have been highly praised as a sport to enrol children into.

The term ‘martial arts’ encompasses a few different sports, including karate, hand to hand combat, taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu. No matter which category you choose, they all hold benefits:

Unique Personal Goals

Unlike team sports where the team must work together to win, martial arts has unique personal goals, which your child will work towards achieving. These goals may come in the form of medals, levels or belts. Rather than battling against other children to see who is better, your child will work on their own self-improvement.


Material arts involves repetition of the same movement over and over until it is perfected. This may appear strenuous and repetitive, but it teaches your child the importance of discipline and sticking to a schedule to achieve a goal.

Self Confidence

The ability to move your body and express yourself is one which everyone should have. For children who may have trouble communicating their emotions, this provides an outlet to do so. By learning how to express their feelings through movement, your child’s self-confidence and communication skills will improve.

Mind and Body

Dance also teaches us to take care of our mind and body. It shows us the beauty of the human form in a healthy and safe way while pushing us to our limits.


Many consider fencing to be martial arts with swords, which is why you should strongly consider enrolling your child in fencing.

Good Co-ordination

Like most sports, fencing encourages the development of good co-ordination, balance and reflexes.

Individual Sport

Not having to rely on a team to win can really help boost a child’s self-confidence.


Many children love fencing. They enjoy having a “battle” someone, and this enjoyment means that they’ll focus more easily and look forward to lessons.


Archery is loved by both parents and children, which is why we suggest it as a sport to enrol your child into.


Archery teaches your child to follow rules and order, as they can only shoot if all the rules have been followed.


Archery requires focus and mental training. You must consider where you are shooting, your distance from the target and the position of your body. Learning how to focus and analyse a situation will then carry on to other parts of your child’s life, including their schooling and social situations.

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