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Prep your kid to Mindarie Keys Primary School

Many families have concerns about starting their child in ‘big school’ and these are all perfectly natural. There is not just one approach to preparing your child for this important transition. Children reach emotional and physical developments at different stages. Becoming aware of where your child is in those stages, and how they can be best supported, is central to the role of educators at Mindarie Keys.

Mindarie Keys Three Plus Program

Enrolling in a preparatory year will help your child build a skill set for their first school year.  Mindarie Keys Three Plus Program is designed to build these skills emotionally, physically and academically.  Exceeding National quality standards, our experienced educators offer learning programs which are responsive to your child’s individual needs. We understand that change is a defining factor in learning at these early stages, and we are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to identify and monitor key learning stages.

You can talk to us about your child’s progress, and ask questions at any time. Getting to know the stages of development will help you to understand your child’s strengths and areas that can be developed. With this knowledge, you may feel more at ease with giving support to your child as they begin school.

Preparing Practically

You can prepare as a family by getting to know a little bit about your school. This can be a fun and exciting time to share with your child.

  • Walk or drive by the grounds, and find out how long it takes to get there. Point out the positive features of the school, such as the play area and library.
  • Find out about school uniforms, and have fun trying them on.
  • Ironing and labelling items together will help your child feel involved.
  • A new lunch box, drink bottle, and school bag also create a sense of excitement and preparedness.
  • New school shoes. Nothing says ‘big school’ like a shiny new pair of shoes.
  • Discovering different kinds of stationery is fun for kids and can pique their curiosity in this grown up learning environment.

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School days can seem long at first. Here are some supportive practices you can begin at home.

  • Regular bedtimes
  • A healthy breakfast
  • Regular physical activity during the day
  • Greater independence with toileting and hand washing
  • Planning healthy lunches that are easy for children to access
  • Regular use of water bottles – hydration is so important and kids often forget to drink

Preparing Emotionally

Meet the teachers of Mindarie Keys Early Learning School and allow your child to see you at ease with these new relationships. This will instill confidence and trust. Once your child connects with the new environment and a few friendly faces, you can talk about these things at home.

Encourage your child to talk about how they feel about starting school. Share stories about your first day of school. Make it fun. Support emotional independence by making drop off time at Day Care an easy goodbye.

Life Skills

Recognising their own name, remembering their address, writing their parents’ names and learning how to use the telephone are all life skills you can introduce gently around this time, to support your child’s induction into a bigger world.  Children often have signals for communicating with a parent, which may not be clear to a new teacher. Encourage your child to clearly ask for what they need when you spend time together. Practicing this at home will help them to become more independent. Most of all relax and enjoy this exciting transition together.

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