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Children learn through two main ways: modelling and interaction. Involving your child in interactive learning, especially through educational computer games, is a wonderful way to show them that learning can be fun. In this article, we’ll explore a few different computer games and apps your child can use to learn.

Switch Zoo

Teach your child about the wonders of nature with Switch Zoo, an online game that lets them mix and match features of 142 different animals. Whilst having an opportunity to unleash their creativity, your child is also learning about animals, their habitats and characteristics.

Magic School Bus

Many of us watched or read the Magic School Bus’s adventures as a child. Now these adventures are available online for your child to explore.

They can choose which journey they would like to go on, allowing them to develop their independence and decision-making skills, whilst also learning about the world.

Kids Academy

Prepare your child for success in Kids Academy, where they can play a variety of educational games. Games focus on maths, phonetics, writing and reading, which are all crucial and necessary skills your child will need throughout their life.

Fish School

Fish School is a perfect app for young children who are still learning their letters, numbers, shapes and colours. It is engaging, warm and interactive – everything a child needs to have a fun learning experience.

Drawing Pad

Letting your child explore their creativity can sometimes be tough. You may not have all the resources on hand, your child may create a huge mess, or perhaps there is simply no time in between other activities.

Apps such as Drawing Pad provide a solution to this. Your child can develop their creativity and motor skills by using their iPad to draw, paint and design. They can also upload, draw on, and print out photos!

Sushi Monster

Learn maths for free with Sushi Monster – a cute and easy-to-use game that teaches children about maths through sushi. The app has 12 different levels to play with a variety of different maths equations to solve, including addition and multiplication.

Moose Math

Moose Math is another maths-centred educational app, but with a larger variety of topics than Sushi Monster. Alongside addition and multiplication, Moose Math teaches children about geometry, subtraction and sorting.

Moose Math engages cute and quirky characters to teach your child these important academic skills which they will need to use well throughout their years at school.

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