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What ages do we cater for?

We welcome for children from 4 months to school age at our Early Learning Centre; three years to school age at our Three Plus program; and from Kindy age to 12 at our Outside School Hours Care program.

When should I start looking for care for my child?

Ideally, you want to start looking as early as possible. We usually have a waiting list, so it’s best to express your interest early, even if you’re not yet sure when you want to commence care.

What is the minimum booking?

We do not have a minimum booking – you can book one day to full time – we aim to meet your families’ needs.

What are the educator qualifications and are they police checked for working with children?

We are fortunate to employ a highly qualified team. Some of the qualifications our educators boast are Masters Degree in Education, Graduate Diploma of Education (Early Childhood Studies), Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Children and Family Studies, Degree in Early Childhood Teaching,  Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, Certificate IV in Early Childhood Education and Care and Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

All educators have successful gained a Working With Children’s Check and hold formal certification in First Aid and Asthma Management & Anaphylaxis.

What types of food do you provide? Do you cater for dietary, cultural and medical needs?

Our chef is highly qualified with over 10 years’ experience. As we are passionate with providing children with nutritious and delicious food we have purchased a Thermomix which allows us to use whole foods and reduce added sugars and processed ingredients. Her background enhances her love of providing good food that fuels their foods.

We offer a delicious 4-week rotating menu. Our menus are nutritionally balanced to ensure that children are provided with the recommended daily intake of each food group. Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea are provided, as well as a small snack in the evening for children who are here later than 5pm. Dietary, cultural and medical needs are also catered for at the centre. We encourage families to discuss their child’s individual needs during the orientation process. All rooms have a copy of the child’s dietary requirements and food allergies.

What are the room routines?

Mindarie Keys Early Learning School follow flexible routines. This ensures we are meeting every child’s individual needs.

Children in the baby’s room follow their individual home routine. As they progress to the Toddler’s room, we begin to blend this routine with a more general routine that follows regular mealtimes and sleep patterns. Pre-Kindy and Kindy children have a more structured routine that encourages self-regulation and independent feeding. We have learning zones (small group learning time) throughout the centre that provides children with the skills that will make them successful at school e.g. scissor skills, early literacy and numeracy, listening skills and following instructions etc. Routines ensure that children are ready for the school environment and enhances a sense of security.

How do I pay my fees to the centre?

We’ve made it easy for you and have direct debit implemented via bank account or credit card. All you need to do is fill out an Ezidebit form. Payments are made fortnightly at the Early Learning School and the 3 Plus Early Learning Program, while the Outside School Hours Care’s payments are made weekly.

Does the centre follow a curriculum?

At Mindarie Keys Early Learning School, we believe education begins at birth. We follow the National Quality Framework and Early Years Learning Framework at the Early Learning Centre and the 3 Plus Early Learning Program. The Outside School Hours Care follow the My Time, Our Place Framework. We believe in play-based learning which ensures that our curriculum is a balance of child led and educator intentional teaching and offers children the opportunity to participate in active learning whilst having the support and challenge they need from educators. We incorporate elements of the Reggio Emilia approach into our learning to ensure that children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in learning that is rich in creativity whilst offering depth, appropriate challenge and fun. We use Educa as a secure online portfolio giving you 24/7 access to information on your child’s learning and play.

Do we provide a kindergarten/prep year or a 3 Year old Program?

Yes, we do. We offer an educational program to help prepare your child for school. Even if you haven’t child has not attended a centre in their younger years, you’re welcome to enrol in either our 3 Plus Early Learning Program (Mindarie Primary) or our Kindy Room (which incorporates a 3 Plus Program) at the Early Learning School. Both programs are delivered by teachers holding a qualification in Early Childhood Teaching and educators with a background in education. It is our aim to provide educational programs that will give your child a head start in their education journey.

How are behavioural issues dealt with?

All educators take part in ongoing training on positive guidance and behavioural management. Educators work in partnership with families to ensure all children’s individual needs are met.

How will I know what my child has done during their day at the centre?

Each room offers information about your child’s care and learning for the day in various formats. The curriculum displayed at your centre forms part of the planning cycle and documents the activities of the room for that day. Most importantly, educators take the time to have that vital chat in person with you at collection and drop off times every day. We use Educa as a secure online portfolio giving you 24/7 access to information on your child’s learning and play. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Does the centre follow any sun safety guidance?

Children’s safety is important to us which is why we follow a year round sun protection policy. Families are asked to bring in a sun hat for their child each day and to apply sunscreen before they arrive at the centre. Sunscreen is reapplied throughout the day. Clothing covering shoulders is required, as is a water bottle.

What do I need to bring in for my child?

All families are asked to provide a few spare sets of clothes for their child. Children are encouraged to enjoy messy play and sometimes there are spillages or accidents. A sunhat and drink bottle filled with water must be provided each day. If your child has sensitive skin, we ask that families bring sunscreen. Please provide nappies and nappy cream to ensure you have control over the products you want your child to use. If your child has a bottle please supply the required amount of prepared bottles each day.

How do I assist my child to settle?

We recommend a minimum of two orientation sessions. These sessions will allow your child and you to get to know the educators, the routine and the children in the room before commencing care. We also offer play dates. Just like the orientation sessions you and your child attend the centre for a play on days you do not normally attend. These are particularly helpful when your child has been away from the centre for a family holiday.


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