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Children love to play, and imagination and creativity are at the heart of playing. Encourage this and you’ll be encouraging a variety of other social, academic and athletic skills. It all links back to creativity. In this article, we will explore different ways to foster your child’s imagination.

Creativity through Art

Art is one of the simplest ways to foster creativity, simply because there are so many different ways to go about it. Creativity is a skill that can be developed, and it can be enhanced and explored through art.

Create a space where your child is free to experiment. Give them some paint, pencils and paper, and give them time to let their imagination roam. Feel free to join in with them – try creating a painting together or drawing a crazy animal, one limb at a time.

Art gives children the means to express themselves in a way that isn’t purely language based. Afterwards, ask them to explain it. This will build upon their communication and language skills.

Plan, Build and Create!

This goes beyond normal painting and drawing. Give your children materials to build with and let them explore. Provide paper, cardboard and stickers, and if they’d like, sit with them and try to build something. Some families enjoy building dollhouses or miniature train stations together. You can create from items you have at home or you could pick up materials from the store – many toy stores have “DIY” creations that your child will love.

Get Musical

If you can, encourage your child to try out different instruments. If they like them, perhaps you can start classes. Studies show that music can be very beneficial for children – it can increase their spatial awareness, their ability to adapt and problem solve, and it can also strengthen their memory skills. Not only that, but it gives them a way to express themselves without language, just as art does. Music can be a beautiful tool for children’s development.

If your child isn’t interested in any concrete instruments, try going to a park such as the Rotary Park in Wanneroo or the Warradale Nature Playground in Landsdale that has built-in drums and windpipes. Some children prefer that as they feel it involves less commitment and stress than formal music lessons.

Go Out and About

Visit art galleries, museums, parks – anything and everything that will inspire creativity. By showing your child the world, you are giving them an experience that will allow them to grow. This will feed into their imagination and they will become inspired. Many art galleries and museums have exhibits made especially for children, and most exhibitions will have panels for children to read and engage with. The more they know, the more they’ll grow!

Move Away from Technology

It’s possible to grow creatively by watching many different shows, although hands-on activities are preferred. Instead of watching shows, encourage your child to try other activities, such as baking, reading, jigsaw puzzles – perhaps even making their own play dough. It’ll be fresh and fun, and your child will definitely benefit.

Get Creative!

Creativity comes in many shapes and forms, and fostering it will lead to educational benefits. If you have any questions about how to encourage creativity within your child, or on Mindarie Keys Early Learning School and our programs, feel free to contact us.

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