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The cooler months are the perfect time to snuggle up with a book and discover new worlds. If your bookshelf is feeling neglected, there are plenty of ways to bring it back to life and reinvigorate reading time at home. Here are some tips for getting your child reading more this winter.


7 Wintery Ways to Promote Reading with Your Child

  1. A visit to the library is a great way to introduce a range of new books into the home at no cost. Children can feel free to ponder over many varieties of books and choose a selection without needing to commit to buying them. This gives them time to get to know the characters or get hooked on a story, which you can later seek out to buy if you wish.
  2. If your child is already hooked on a series, find out if the latest edition is in the bookstore and treat them to a new book. You can also try audio books for a change; these are great for audio learners.
  3. If your child attends child care, talk to your educators about the latest books for their age group. A family are often happy to lend books once they have been read and this also encourages children to talk about books they like.
  4. Childcare centres will often have their own library and this is a great resource for your child during care. If you would like to encourage your child back to books, talk to an educator about how they can support your child to read during their time at the centre.
  5. Once you have your books, setting up a reading area is a fun project and something you and your child can do together. Find a sunny spot with natural light that’s away from the distractions of technology. On a very wintery day, make you have an adequate amount of soft artificial light for reading, Allocate quiet time for reading each day to re-introduce the habit.
  6. Children love to play act, and creating games out of characters they have encountered in books is a great way to foster literacy skills. Continuing the story, imagining different endings, or simply re-enacting scenes are all positive for children. Rugged up in the warmth of your lounge room, activities like these are perfect for winter.
  7. Take the opportunity to read together. It may have been a while since you did and slowing down is never a bad idea.


Strong literacy skills are at the heart of successful learning and they can be supported at all stages of your child’s life. It’s easy for screen time to creep up, especially when children are on holidays in winter. Maintaining a conscious effort to read every day will change your family dynamic in positive ways. If your child resists at first, try to persist. Once they rekindle their interest in reading, they will be naturally drawn back to their books.

For more information on encouraging your child to read this winter, talk to an educator at Mindarie Keys Early Learning School. Our talented educators are full of great ideas and we’re happy to help. Contact us today for enquiries or enrolments.

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