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Education begins at birth

At Mindarie Keys Early Learning School, we believe that it’s never too early to enrol your child in early learning classes. Nursery School for your child helps to stimulate healthy growth and development from the very beginning.

We have named our Baby Room ‘Joeys’, to emphasise our focus on providing a nurturing, safe and loving environment. Our baby day care caters children aged between 4 months and 18 months old. Although children of all ages require this, we know how important it is for all babies to feel secure.


Early Learning Framework for Babies

Our babies program fully embraces the Early Years Learning Framework. This framework was created to ensure a quality education for your child during vital development stages. It involves play-based learning that is tailor made to your child’s ideas, interests, abilities, and other core aspects.

Mindarie’s pre-kindy program specifically accommodates your baby’s needs for eating, resting, playing and sleeping. During our program, your child will also experience plenty of personal attention and interaction.

Our flexible routine and Educational Curriculum offers a stimulating program that is age appropriate for babies. It incorporates both children’s and families’ interests as well as intentional teaching using experiences such as singing, movement, stories, art and sensory play. Our thoughtful activities and curriculum are designed to help babies develop physical strength, cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination, special orientation, communication skills, and other benefits.

Our educators at Nursery school in Mindarie- North of Perth, demonstrate highly nurturing persona and experience which is carefully chosen for this age group. Our baby day care program is developed to cater your babies pattern of sleep, feed and play.

Let’s work together

We strive to build a meaningful relationship with both your child and you. That’s why our highly experienced and qualified educators work in partnership with families. Together, we provide a home-like environment that is flexible and supportive for children during the important developmental stage from infant to toddler age.

We love to share children’s learning with their families, so each child has their own online child portfolio. This includes photos, observations and a snapshot of the week in the Baby Room. This means that families are able to be to share these moments with extended family all around the world.

Mindarie Babies Childcare – Caring for your children

Education truly begins at birth. Enrol your child in our babies program with Mindarie Early Childhood Learning Centre today.


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Enquire about our centre and enrolment program

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