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Children’s Week is an annual celebration of children in Australia, during which we celebrate children and their achievements, skills and talents. This year, Children’s Week will be from October 19th to October 28th.\

What is it?

Children’s Week is an annual celebration of children, celebrated during the fourth week of October. Throughout Australia, programs and activities are run in schools, libraries, community groups and other groups.

These activities give children an opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities, through a variety of ways, including art shows, fashion designs and cooking competitions.

It is also important to note that the events are free of charge to children aged 0 to 12 years, which makes them accessible to families from a variety of walks of life.

What Does It Aim to Achieve?

Children’s Week aims to celebrate the rights of children, whilst also looking forward to the future and trying to improve it for children.

The events aim to help children enjoy themselves, whilst also providing them with an opportunity to develop and learn. Some educate children about the past, others allow them to learn useful life skills, such as gardening and writing.

Children’s Week also celebrates the efforts put in by educators to help children develop. They highlight the opportunities given to children to help them succeed and achieve their goals in life.

Who Is Involved?

Many in the education field are involved in the organisation of Children’s Week. Some notable websites to visit include:

How Can I Get Involved?

Getting involved in Children’s Week is easy. You can attend as many events as you would like with your child, and even help organise some if you would like. Some examples of past events include:

  • Surf Kite Festivals
  • Learning at the movies
  • Picnics
  • Writing and reading festivals
  • Edible Gardening

Aside from attending a festival, you can also spend time with your child, discussing what it means to be a child. You can share your experiences of childhood, ask them on how they feel about theirs, and even discuss how children all around the world are going.

This could be a good time to help develop your child’s cultural awareness, since many children in the world are not lucky enough to have many of the opportunities that we in Australia have access to.

Early Learning Centres

If your child attends an early learning school, it is likely that they will organise events themselves. They may also have an Open Day, where they will display your child’s achievements for you to see and take pride in.

Celebrate Children Every Week at Mindarie

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