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About Mindarie Keys Early Learning School

Mindarie Keys Early Learning School is a family owned and operated child care centre that has been operation since 2003. We specialise in Three Plus School Readiness, Kindergarten, Outside School Hours Care and Early Learning for babies and toddlers, all of which are based on the Early Years Learning Framework that encourages dynamic learning and development through play.

Our nurturing and safe environment is led by experienced and fully qualified staff. Our team is dedicated to providing your children with the best quality child care and early education.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is our statement of intent and commitment to consistently provide a high-quality provision of care. We draw on The Rights of a Child, the National Quality Frameworks and a range of theorists to guide our work. In particular, Uri Bronfenbrenner’s work which explains how the quality of each child and the child’s environment influences how the child grows and develops.

As a family owned service, we have three core beliefs and values: Our Community (staff, children, families and the wider community) The Whole Child (meeting the holistic needs of every child) and Earth to Sky (being aware of our environmental footprint, living a more sustainable life).

We warmly welcome every family and child valuing all that they bring to our ‘community’ and see every child as capable, curious and strong full of curiosity and the wonder of the world around them. We believe children develop their sense of self, who they are and why they are important based on the quality and stability of their relationships with others. The early years are particularly significant as they lay the foundation for the development of each child’s sense of self and attitudes to lifelong learning.

Our play-based child centred pedagogy is strongly influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to early years care and education and reflects the voices, ideas, theories and expressions of each child. We respect the rights of children to make choices in natural environments with engaging and provoking experiences that invite children to connect with others, to ‘just be’, investigate, explore and wonder. There is no rush in this journey of early learning, we follow the child’s lead and walk with them co-constructing learning together. We believe the emotional needs of every child must be met first in order for the child to participate, play, and learn. We work closely with the child and their family to better know and understand the child and meet their emotional needs first and foremost. Meeting a child’s emotional needs establishes trust over time and reflects the work of John Bowlby and his study of early attachment and the deep emotional bonding between child and significant care giver. The emotional bond we develop with each child is so important. It not only establishes a strong positive basis for play and learning now but will have a strong positive impact that will be lifelong.

We have highly experienced teams and believe in the importance of providing high quality professional development. This ensures each educator has a deep understanding of the holistic needs of each child. We provide beautiful thoughtful environments in which children are invited and encouraged to explore the arts, enjoy physical active play, practice mindfulness and develop meaningful positive relationships with others.

We believe relationships with children and families are strengthened as we consistently explore and develop a deeper understanding of the diversity and culture of families and broader community. We respectfully acknowledge and share our knowledge with children and families of the Noongar people as the first traditional custodians of this land Mindarie on which we teach.

Following in the footsteps of the Noongar people we believe we have a responsibility to empower children to develop a true appreciation and love of the environment and the wider world. As we model embedded practices of sustainability, care and love for the environment we share important values which children and families will take with them long after they leave our care.



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