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Your child is never too young to begin learning, and the younger they start, the easier their development will be! Early childhood learning differs from that of learning for older children because it is largely play based. In this article, we will look at how to start your child’s learning from a very young age.

Learn Through Play

Children love to play, and play has been proven as a very effective way for young children to learn multiple skills.

Physical Abilities

Interactive resources allow a child to develop and fine-tune their motor skills, spatial awareness and balance. Interactive resources that require puzzle solving, such as Legos and building blocks, are especially crucial in this regard and can allow children to develop strong physical abilities.

Social Learning

When children play in groups, they learn a variety of social skills. Encouraging your child to play with other children will allow them to learn about sharing, different views and values, and how to interact with people outside of their family. Social learning is easily achievable in young learning and will prepare your child for starting school.

Increased Mental Capacity

Playing enforces abstract thought processes, allowing them to develop their intellectual abilities. If they play in a group, their language and communication skills will improve, and you will find that your child’s mental capacity for a variety of tasks will improve. They will learn about empathy, cause and effect, and problem-solving.

Learn Alongside Your Child

In addition to playing, taking the time to learn with them will benefit your child. There are a number of activities that can help to achieve this.

Reading Back the Same Story

Reading with your child is a rewarding and beneficial activity. If your child has a favourite book or story, reading back the same book or story to a child allows them to understand letters, sounds and words which is crucial to their learning. Remember to be patient and keep an open mind. It is vastly important to develop your child’s literacy skills, and starting young will help them in all areas of their life.

Outdoor Activities

If it’s a beautiful day, head outside and soak up some sun! Learning can be achieved outside just as easily as it can inside. Grab a flora and fauna guide and teach your child about local wildlife and plants. Engaging their senses will help cement the memories and knowledge in their mind. When discussing a flower, encourage your child to smell or touch it.

Run around with them, maybe kicking around a football. Learning comes in many different forms and if both of you are having fun together, your child will be more invested in learning as they grow up!

Practising Creativity

Get creative with your child. You could enrol in an art class with them or even set up space in your home where you can sit and experiment together. Try painting, drawing and other hands-on activities, like sculpting and playdough. Get messy – play with different materials and see what your projects become. Buy a crayons, colour pencils and paper to let their imagination go wild! Your child will love spending time with you, and they’ll improve their motor skills and imagination while learning about different art forms.

If you aren’t arts-minded, you could give baking a go and teach your child about the exciting science of food. At the end of the day, it’s important that your child has a good time, and there are many different ways in which they can both learn and enjoy themselves.

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